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Put your Best Foot Forward

INFINITalent Partners offers coaching services to candidates who are in transition or wanting to transition into new roles/careers.  With a long history rooted in recruiting for companies of all sizes, we are uniquely qualified to help candidates put their best feet forward and capitalize on every opportunity. 


As a client, you will have access to a seasoned veteran in the recruiting space where you can freely ask any question, on topics like: the inner workings of talent acquisition departments or how salary negotiations really work.  You can expect very direct feedback about your strengths and challenges because we truly want you to position yourself in the most positive light. Our coaches have a reputation for setting realistic expectations and for providing thoughtful counsel.

Yael Iffergan, Career Coach


Yael Iffergan is the owner and founder of INFINITalent Partners LLC, a full-service recruitment and career-coaching firm. 


Yael has been in the recruiting field for over 15 years and has helped leaders at all levels of organizations (both large publicly-traded Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller private organizations) make hiring decisions as a trusted partner and advocate. Through development of rich relationships, she has counseled professionals through the various stages of career growth and job movement and currently has a portfolio of professionals for whom she has managed careers for more than ten years. Yael knows what companies are looking for, understands the leadership thought process and inner-workings of corporate America and can guide professionals at all levels in their career to successful change. 


She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

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Katia M., Controller

Yael is extremely good at presenting your resume in the best way possible. I met with her, walked her through my working history and in few days received revised resume that brought me to the different level in job market. I receive commentaries from recruiters that my resume is perfect.
I highly recommend Yael to everyone. I was so impressed with her professional skills and very nice personality that I asked her to help with my son's resume to be used for college application and was very happy with this one as well.