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Our Founder, Yael Iffergan, was recently asked to participate in a podcast interview hosted by Two Piers Consulting and to share her thoughts on all things related to job hunting. Starting from the very beginning (why are you thinking about leaving your job?) to negotiating salary, Yael offers valuable insights about the entire process.

In the podcast linked here, you will find answers to all your burning questions, including:

- State of the current job market in the US (effective Aug 2023)

- Deciding whether to leave your current job

- How to make yourself marketable:

o Resume tips

o Interview tips

o Networking for the purpose of finding a job

- Overcoming hiccups in your job path

- Working with 3rd party recruiters

- Asking for the salary you want and negotiating if you have to.

- Counteroffers!

- Knowing who you are, identifying your value proposition and communicating it.

Have a listen and feel free to reach out if you’d like a free resume review or to explore the idea of engaging with our coach to help you get the job you want!

Please also check out our partner, Two Piers Consulting! Two Piers is a coaching and consulting firm, focused on helping clients remove emotional, mental and professional barriers so that they can tap into their gifts, talents and potential.



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